Why you should be using YouTube advertising

These days everybody watches Youtube, and that is great news if you use Youtube Advertising. It has replaced TV and it’s no surprise since it has become the second most used search engine in the world after Google. All that to say for marketers and business owners it has become a great place to advertise to your audience. That’s why I want to talk to you about YouTube ads. As you may or may not know at the current time (2019) and for the foreseeable future, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and email are the best ways to capture clients and fulfill the three rules of growing a business:

  • Get more customers
  • Increase how much your customers spend with you
  • Get your customers to purchase more often

So, those three things can be accomplished with relative ease using the big advertising platforms that I’ve mentioned. Some people may not look at email as an advertising platform but it most definitely is. The only difference between email and the social platforms is that once you have captured someone’s email you no longer have to pay to advertise to them.

Of course there are fees associated with using your email autoresponder service to email your list but you’re not actually paying to market to a person who has already subscribed is what I’m saying. Which is why you should be continually using that email to advertise to your existing subscriber list.

I’ve been using Facebook ads for about five years and it’s very interesting and unsettling to use them because Facebook is going through a lot of changes at this time. As we all know they have made it a thing to be in the spotlight for all sorts of privacy violations.  They’re supposedly changing up their ad platform to limit just how much private user info developers have access to but I don’t see that being a big deal for marketers.

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Obviously it makes things a little bit harder but if you’re a serious marketer or business owner you should be able to get your message across because it is such a popular platform and it does offer numerous ways in which you can advertise your business. Facebook Ads definitely provides you with a platform to reach people like few others have ever existed. Before Facebook it was Google Adwords and the only true difference between Google Adwords and Facebook ads is that Google places your ad in front of people searching for keywords related to your ad and Facebook ads interrupt people’s activity while they use Facebook to look at what their cousin cooked yesterday.

Basically Google is more focused on people searching for things or people being on web properties that are related to their interest and that’s what you advertise to them with advertisements that are related to them interest based on the website they’re on. The difference with Facebook ads is that you’re on a social platform so it’s interruption marketing completely whereas people are looking to look at photos with Grandma they’re looking for pictures and videos of family or friend or something that a friend suggested and share or whatever. Now you’re popping up with an ad in their (and there’s a number of different ways to do that) and trying to get them to click away from facebook to visit your website and get whatever you’re offering.

There are different theories on what works best for this, some people believe that you should have a bunch of text and look like another post in their feed. Some people believe you should have minimal text and rely on images as the best way to go. Lastly,  some experts believe that video is the only way to do it. I think that all of these methods are viable depending on the audience that you’re trying to reach. So, if it’s an e-commerce product a little bit of text and an image can work, but a video will definitely beat an image most times. If you’re a consultant or trying to sell a course or some type of training then maybe a little bit more text is good. So, there’s a number of ways of approaching that but regardless of which format you choose to advertise them – you’re still interrupting them right it’s still interruption marketing so those are the basic differences between Facebook and Adwords.

Now we get to the part where we’re talking about YouTube right and I’ll touch on AdWords in greater depth in another post. For this post I wanted to touch on the differences in advertising platforms from easiest to intermediate to hardest. Facebook being the easiest to learn in my opinion. Some people would disagree with that and say that Microsoft Bing ads would probably be the easiest but being that I don’t feel that Bing is a widely used platform I regard it a secondary platform with a bunch of other ad platforms that are out there that people don’t pay much attention to. So, for this post I’m focusing on the ones that are the largest and the most widely used and important.

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For most entrepreneurs YouTube ads are completely unknown (seen but ignored) and as a result unused by most businesses and that’s such a shame. I’m sure that over time they’ll start to get it and they’ll get much more popular. You would think that based on our usage of YouTube and how many ads we are bombarded with on YouTube these days, but how can it be?

If you take a look at the ads that you usually receive, what type of ads are they? They’re usually large companies that are advertising to you. You don’t usually see a local doctor or a local chiropractor. When was the last time you saw a local hair salon? You will rarely see local mom-and-pop shop establishments which make up the majority of businesses in America.

What you see on YouTube ads are corporations, and experienced marketers promoting weight loss, acne creams and things like that. Car companies and hotels are pretty common as well. But for the most part its either very experienced marketers or very large companies so the landscape for small businesses is completely wide open right now. We are still far off from when we’ll  see a bunch of chiropractors advertising on YouTube. Those days are still a way off, so if that’s your field you have a huge advantage over your competition right now.

If you start now in 2019, you will have very little trouble getting people to visit your business, your website and give you a call if you’re using YouTube ads. The craziest part of all of that it’s hugely popular video platform that offers very inexpensive and effective advertisements. But wait there’s more…

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When you use YouTube ads you want to use them in conjunction with a remarketing plan. In the same way that remarketing works for Facebook, when someone clicks your ad and visits your site they are tagged with a cookie (a piece of code that follows them around) that allows you to retarget that person (advertise to them again). If you have a pixel (a more sophisticated cookie) on your site they can automatically be retargeted – meaning you can now run a second ad that will follow them around and it will remind them of your first ad that’s what’s known as retargeting.

Retargeting will remind your visitor to visit your website or to finish watching your marketing video or whatever it is that you want them to do. When this person goes to YouTube they’re going to see your ads either through retargeting or because you’re targeting their demographic. You can target users by location (city, state, country), interests, and many other parameters. The coolest part is that they may have frst come into contact with your message on Facebook but later on in the day and evening whenever they go on YouTube and they’re seeing your ads again. That’s powerful and it can increase your conversions by up to 30%.

Why is it so powerful you ask? Because their initial contact with you may have been through Facebook but now they’re seeing your retargeting ads on YouTube and even Instagram if we want them to. Now when the time comes for them to think of a real estate agent, insurance broker or chiropractor’s office who do you think is going to be top of mind? You are of course! The best part is that this works for any business. We all have what I call boxes in our heads and there is a company that occupies every box. For instance, Tide occupies the laundry detergent box and Coca Cola occupies the soda box. In other words those brands are the first ones you think of when you think of those products. Retargeting helps you to occupy the box for your industry with your target audience.

So when you’re the spa offering massages the free massage for first time visitors or something like that you’re definitely piling up the touches you need to convert a customer. What do I mean by touches? It’s commonly known that we need anywhere from five to twelve touches (most people say that the number is seven)  for a prospect to come into contact with your brand before they trust you enough to consider purchasing from you.

So if  you’ve got a car dealership and you’re advertising through a video on Facebook and then you’re retargeting potential car buyers on Facebook and then they’re going over to YouTube and now your car dealership ad pops up again right and then you’re going across you know searching for different things on the web and their seeing your ad there as well through Adwords, what dealership do you think that they’re actually going to visit? It’s obviously going to be yours.

The second part to this has to do with how well your website operates, and the kind of landing pages you are using. Are you using lead magnets to capture their email? In other words are you giving them an offer in exchange for their email address in order to then market to them regularly. Are you collecting their phone numbers when you collect their email address so that  you can send them text messages? Text messages have an open rate around 90 percent, so what this does is it creates all these different touches and one of the main ones is YouTube because people spend so many hours on YouTube.

YouTube as I stated earlier is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google even though it’s owned by Google and people love it. They spend tons of time on YouTube so now you can set it up so that this person will see your ad three times a day and then they can be retargeted to go and land on a landing page where they’re going to give you their information and through that you can text, call and email them and continue to advertise to them even more precisely if they haven’t purchased from you yet.

As if that weren’t enough, all these emails you collect can be used to create custom audiences also known as look-alike audiences or similar audiences as they’re called on the AdWords platform. So now what you end up with is a huge email list of people that have come from all of these platforms and the same thing goes for Instagram. You can use Instagram in the same way, so if you are a mortgage brokerage and you’re interested in building up an audience of Millennials Instagram and snapchat are where you want to be advertising.

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As far as snapchat goes their advertising is super cheap right now and a lot of people are going to say hey that’s not effective but it’s only because the platform and its advertising is in its nascent stage. Eventually people are going to look back to a time when snapchat ads were so cheap just like I can remember when Facebook was so cheap. Facebook ads have gotten significantly more expensive over time as any ad platform will as an ad platform matures because the advertisements are going to increase because of the efficacy of those ads. That leads to the ad platform becoming more well-known and once you’re well known for having a good advertising platform and that you generate income for the people who advertise on your platform obviously you’re going to raise your prices.

So right now platforms like snapchat and the supply versus the demand is much higher and so the prices are lower but eventually that’s going to change as it changes on all that platforms. The the way to successfully advertise your business is to always put your businesses advertisements on the cheapest traffic aka the platforms that give you the the most bang for your buck.

Right now if I could only choose one platform it would be Facebook video ads and YouTube in-stream ads. That’s where your commercial starts right before their video and so they’re basically like pennies per view and so you could literally get thousands and thousands of people coming in contact with your business for a couple of hundred bucks a month and you’d be on both of these platforms. Both of those platforms allow you to retarget all of these customers and so now these people are going to get familiar with your brand.

youtube videographer

If you’re creating decent videos and the videos only have to be made on your phone they don’t have to be these seven or eight hundred dollar videos and that’s dirt cheap. If you’re getting a videographer to make you a video for seven or eight hundred bucks you’re robbing them…  The bottom line is it doesn’t even have to be that, you just make the video on your phone. You make it real simple and then you change out the video once or twice on a weekly basis.

Switching up your video with the same message just different visuals and when you do this people are going to become fans. They’re going to come back and they’re going to subscribe to your channel. If they find good content on your channel just like on your Facebook page they’re going to follow you. If they find good content (valuable information for the end user) they’re going become fans over time. When that happens that’s going to generate referral business for you. You can give them some type of a referral code and they can become an affiliate for you. See how it snowballs…

The point I’m trying to make is if you already know how important it is to use advertising and you know that Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms the next best platform in my opinion is YouTube and the reason being is because of the ease of use for both of these platforms to create an ad and get it up and running. It’s very easy and once you have become familiar and and you’re pretty good with these things then you can step into Google AdWords which is a little bit more expensive but it is also very effective. Most businesses use it but it’s very mature (expensive).

If you’re serious about running your business then you don’t have time to waste and that’s where having the education that I’m providing empowers you to know what’s going on in terms of your marketing and advertising for your business. When you hire someone to do it for you hopefully you hire an ethical and experienced agency that gets you a good return on investment. Unfortunately more than not you’re going to end up with a typical mediocre agency that’s going to do uninspired work and take your money without a whole lot of ROI.


That’s my opinion on YouTube ads and how powerful of a platform it is. Now you know how powerful YouTube ads can be for your business. They are definitely in my top four obviously, they’re number two in the top four in my opinion and like I said the top four are Facebook, YouTube, AdWords, and Email. Other people will say Instagram I just lump Instagram in with Facebook because they are owned by Facebook. I don’t lump YouTube with with Google Adwords because they are very different even though you use the same AdWords account to run ads on both they are different. They are essentially specialties onto themselves, for instance when I went to get my certification they are taught and tested as specialties onto themselves.

I hope that was valuable for you if you have any questions you know you can always hit me up and just visit us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thanks!


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