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What if…

What if there were a site built on the ideal of sharing knowledge, experience and tech savvy in a way that would be easy to understand and implement. That would be cool right?! That’s why I created the Better Biz Guide. I’ve spent the better part of a decade developing business ventures, teaching and perfecting an incredible amount of marketing and business strategy. In the process I’ve become a successful serial entrepreneur, trusted marketing adviser, and consultant to numerous clients. My name is Ark Pizarro and I’m the founder of the Better Biz Guide.

Smoke and Mirrors

Drudging through the millions of web pages that the internet is littered with, you’re told every way from Sunday how to build your business and make millions with the click of a button. It seems there’s a new way to make money created every 5 seconds but there’s something that most sites will never tell you. People are the same as they always have been, most of the “latest and greatest” technology is just smoke and mirrors for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Marketing in all its forms is about the fact that we have pains, passions and fears; basic needs that must be met and we’ll go out of our way to meet them.

The Golden Rule

When we have a problem we are willing to pay to have that problem resolved. Better yet, if you’ll teach us to fish rather than throw us a fish, we’ll follow you so you can teach us how to build a fire and fry our fish. In other words, treat others as you would like to be treated and do this on a large scale and you’ll literally have to turn away business. This kind of thinking is what this site is about.

The Secret Formula

There’s a very simple and powerful formula to becoming successful online. The first part of the formula is knowing the ingredients, the second and most important part is applying the formula. 

Here it is:

  1. Create massive value for your clients (create content that solves their problem).
  2. Use the highest traffic networks to publicize this value (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram).
  3. Establish trust so visitors become customers (Respect your audience and give them your best).

That is the secret to realizing massive profits. That’s it, it really is that simple and here at the Better Biz Guide we teach you how to do it. Not only that, we also show you why it works and how we’re doing in our ongoing quest to make this process better, faster, and more profitable. All while maintaining our integrity and proving that the words “sales and marketing” don’t have to make people feel threatened. In fact, the exact opposite happens when you provide people with what they want, they open up and the relationship thrives. Thriving business relationships equal increased profits and that’s our ultimate goal for everyone.

Paradigm Shift

Today, many people face tougher economic conditions, higher competition in the workplace and lower profit margins in their businesses. However, commerce on the internet has never been better and it’s only going to get better because there is a paradigm shift taking place. We have rapidly moved our lives over to a digital version. Our home movies, family albums, letters and entertainment have all gone digital and our businesses have no choice but to follow suit.

For the few who can truly understand the meaning of this, it gives us the opportunity to put ourselves in front of a wave of business that’s headed our way and we can ride it out to unparalleled profits. Our fathers and mentors could never dream of the opportunities we now hold in our hands, the trick is turning the opportunities into action and making our mark.

The Ship Has Sailed

Did you ever think to yourself “This Internet business stuff isn’t for me”? I have. But there’s one thing that you must realize, the days of doing business without any Internet involvement are gone, that ship has sailed. Remember when you used to think about the future? Well, we are in that future and everything, especially your business is dependent on the internet whether you realize it or not.

Evergreen Marketing

So, let’s get this out of the way now “Yes, this applies to you and No, your customers are not unique.” All the marketing techniques that have worked for the past hundred years will still work a hundred years from now, because people are people. Now, instead of the newspaper people check Twitter and instead of a writing a letter we use email or Facebook and this is a good thing for your business, even if today is the first time you’ve ever used the internet. I am going to teach you everything you need to know about using the web and the very best marketing strategies to start, grow and prosper your business.

My Motivation

What’s my motivation for doing this? This simple truth, “Give, and it will be given to you” – Luke 6:38. Helping people is always a challenge; but it can be highly rewarding and I love it. Lining my pockets with cash without providing value to anyone isn’t just shallow, it’s also lonely. What’s the point in achieving if you have no one to share your victory with?

Clients often become close friends when you do business the right way, with a focus on long term mutual benefit. The other great part of sharing is that as my audience grows so do my opportunities. Life’s full of missed opportunities and opportunity is where the real fun is. So, you see this site offers something rare, a win-win situation.  You, win and so do I and that’s the key to a good business.

The Bio

If you were hoping for a bio of some sort, here it is in a nutshell. I’m Ark Pizarro, a man of many talents. I spent the better part of my youth learning and now I am applying what I’ve learned to help others achieve success. I am happily married to the greatest woman on earth and I have 4 wonderful kids. I love marketing because I enjoy sharing a good story with people and the very best marketing is always about telling a good story that ends with a great solution.


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